Here is the first stop on your journey to my fantasy world of romance. In this world, you will come across many different dimensions.  Your first choice to choose from is supernatural or normal. From there on you have more subcategories including Erotica, College Life, Vampire and many more. To get started on your journey, select one of the links below.

Star Story


Dominic Santos has been the Alpha for the Affinity Pack for ten years. He has put all his focus into his pack since the death of his parents, until he walked into a diner one day and saw her. Unable to resist the pull, Dominic found himself in that diner watching Oceana, charmed by her every action. His guilty pleasure, however, did not remain a secret for long and soon his pack’s biggest enemy was threatening Oceana’s life. Now Dominic must figure out how to keep her safe while maintaining his distance from her.

Oceana Williams had the most stupifying crush on her new regular. Stupifying because every time he was around she acted like a klutz. When her sister goes missing a week after meeting him, Dominic tells her she must go with him. Except she’s not sure if she can trust his words, especially after he renders her unconscious. Still, Oceana can’t seem to turn off her feelings for him as she is swept into his world paranormal and danger. All she can do is trust her instinct and hope she’s not making the biggest mistake of her life falling in love with this man.

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Supernatural Dimension

Angel Sent From Heaven

Melina doesn’t believe in love despite the fact that she writes about it. She wishes to understand the emotion to become a better writer so when Leo confesses his love to her she decides to use him to her advantage.


Love Craft

Liam is sick of lust and wants a little love in his next relationship. His ideal type is a handsome man with a dark soul. The only problem is he has this goody-goody geek courting him.

Prologue to Black Snow

A prologue to a new sci-fi story I’m working on.

Love’s Evil Conscience

Gabby broke up with her boyfriend after discovering he was only dating her to get an alliance with her pack. A few days later she awakes to find herself tied to a bed in an unknown cabin with her ex.

Vampire Huntress  (Discontinued)

Rosa, like every other human, was blind to the world of vampires, until she was almost attacked one night. Now, she is determined to rid the world of the dangerous creatures. She just has to prevent herself from falling in love with one of them.

(Slightly) Normal Dimension

First Loving

Danny and Sherya had been dating for over a year and decide to take the next step in their relationship.

In Hot Water

Taemin fantasizes about the first love he cannot forget.

The Last Time

Despite their love, Anya knows her relationship with Alejandro isn’t working out. She breaks up with him but he refuses to let her go.

Discovering True Feelings

Bronte hates Juan with every fiber of her being. His playboy ways and charming personality pisses her off. She tries to avoid him at every chance but he blackmails her into being his tutor.

In Love with My Best Friend

Lily has been in love with her best friend, Marcus, for as long as she could remember. Now Marcus wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend to get back at his ex. But can Lily make this fake relationship real?

In Lust with the Boss

Kenya has been lusting after her boss since she was hired by the company as an intern. When he asks her to stay after hours to help with a project she can only imagine the possibilities of what could happen.

Dark Musings

 Life Without You

A man takes a moment to think about his dead lover.

I Wish

A poem of unrequited love.

A Letter to A Lover

Writing for an ex-lover after one has left.

No Hero

Short writing of dark emotions.

If Death Shall Come

A person contemplates the advantage of death over life.

Eyes Wide Open

A person comes to the stark realization that the person they care for does not care for them in return.

No One But You

A woman fears her actions would cause her to lose her love.